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Summaries & Thoughts on Acts

DSC_1445Below are links to all the posts of chapter summaries and brief thoughts on each chapter of Acts:
(1) Acts 1 – Jesus’ Ascension, Church Gathering, Matthias the 12th Apostle
(2) Acts 2 – Pentecost, New Testament Church
(3) Acts 3 – Healing the Lame Beggar & Peter’s 2nd Sermon
(4) Acts 4 – Arrested for Preaching Jesus, Praising God, Preaching the Word, Unity of the Church
(5) Acts 5 – Ananias and Sapphira, Arrest and Freeing of the Apostles
(6) Acts 6 – Men to Serve in Distribution (Proto-Deacons), Word of God Increased, Stephen Seized
(7) Acts 7 – Stephen’s Expositional Sermon on the History of Israel
(8) Acts 8 – Saul’s Persecution, Preaching of Philip, Baptism of the Ethiopian Eunuch
(9) Acts 9 – Saul’s Conversion, The Preaching & Acceptance of Paul, Miracles Done through Peter
(10) Acts 10 – Cornelius & Peter, All People Clean, All Food Clean, Forgiveness of Sins for Believing in Jesus, The “Gentile Pentecost”
(11) Acts 11 – Peter Brings Word that Gentiles Receive the Gospel, Barnabas & Paul to Antioch, This Is Where the Disciples Were First Called Christians
(12) Acts 12 – Peter in Jail & Rescued, James Killed, Herod Dies
(13) Acts 13 – Paul & Barnabas Sent out By the Holy Spirit through the Church at Antioch
(14) Acts 14 – Paul & Barnabas’ Preaching
(15) Acts 15 – Jerusalem Council, Circumcision Not Necessary for Salvation, Letter, Disunity
(16) Acts 16 – They Go Out to Strengthen & Preach, Lydia is Converted, Paul & Silas Imprisoned, Conversion of Philippian Jailer
(17) Acts 17 – Paul Persuading from the Scriptures
(18) Acts 18 – Paul Preaches the Word, When Rejected by Jews Goes to Gentiles, God Had Many In the City Who Were His People So Keep Preaching, Accused of Persuading People to Worship God Contrary to Law, Apollos in Ephesus
(19) Acts 19 – Paul at Ephesus, Riot at Ephesus, Paul’s Goal of Reaching Rome
(20) Acts 20 – Missionary Companions, Eutychus Raised from the Dead, Last Time With the Ephesian Elders
(21) Acts 21 – Paul to Jerusalem, Paul Is Seized in the Temple, Paul Begged to Speak to the People
(22) Acts 22 – Paul’s Defense, His Call to Be an Apostle, Roman Citizen, Before the Council
(23) Acts 23 – Paul Repents of Confronting the High Priest, Caused a Fight Between the Pharisees and Sadducees, Is Going to Rome, Warned of Jews’ Plot to Kill Paul, Transferred to Caesarea Safely
(24) Acts 24 – Paul’s Trial Before Felix, Paul Kept in Custody
(25) Acts 25 – Paul Appeals to Caesar, Trial Before Agrippa
(26) Acts 26 – Paul’s Defense to Agrippa, Proving His Innocence & Seeking to Persuade Agrippa of Christianity
(27) Acts 27 – The Trip to Rome, Storm, Shipwreck
(28) Acts 28 – Paul on Malta, They Arrive at Rome


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