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Genesis 2 – 7th Day, Covenant, & Marriage

The creation was finished and God rested, blessed and made the 7th day holy. The Lord [Yahweh] God [Elohim] formed Adam [Man] out of the dust, breathed the breath of life into him, and put him in the Garden of Eden [Paradise]. Four rivers flowed from here: the (1) Pishon, (2) Gihon, (3) Tigris, and (4) Euphrates. Adam was to work, and named all the animals. Also, he was allowed to eat of every tree, but the tree of the…

Genesis 1 – God Created All

God [Elohim] exists in a plurality, and He rules over all things. He created all things out of nothing in six days by speaking, and created man and woman in His own image to subdue the earth and to rule it. He pronounced His pleasure with His creation by saying it is very good. God is the source of all beauty and good, praise God for His kindness and power to create! 

Why a New Church in Des Moines?

The Local Church The local church is God’s evangelism plan to reach the nations with the gospel (Matthew 28:18-20; John 13:35; 17:21; Ephesians 3:10), and there is a great need for the gospel to be preached in Des Moines. It’s not that there aren’t gospel believing and preaching churches here, it’s just that we desire to see even more worship of God and to see believers grow to maturity through another expositional ministry in Des Moines. Our love for Jesus Christ…