Genesis 10 – Noah’s Lineage

Genesis 10 – Noah’s Lineage

This chapter outlines the generations of Noah’s sons and the regions where each one grew.

(1) Japheth’s line is described as the coastland peoples. Modern day geography: Possibly as far west as Spain and Italy, through Turkey to the Caspian Sea through Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and northern Iran.

(2) Ham’s line is described as being in the territory of Sidon to Gaza toward Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim and Lasha. Modern day geography: Northeastern Africa down the Nile River through Egypt to northern Sudan; around the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden (Saudi Arabia and Yemen); along the coast of Gaza along the Mediterranean Sea (Israel, Lebanon, Syria); and down the Euphrates to southern Iraq.

(3) Shem’s line is described as being in the territory of Mesha to Sephar to the hill country of the east. Modern day geography: Western Turkey near the Aegean Sea, Syria, Iraq, the bottom of the Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Oman), and in Africa (Djibouti, just east of northern Ethiopia/north of Somalia, across the Red Sea from Yemen).  If you want to see the names in the genealogical lines more specifically, I wrote them out a number of years ago here: Genesis Chapter 10 ~ The Generations After Noah.

Think of the miracle of your existence. We all come from Noah’s family. Witness the expansion of the peoples in this text and stand in awe. Some of us live in the same region, and some of us on the other side of the world. Praise God for his sustenance of people, so that we might hear the gospel and believe, and be swept up in the story of God’s redemption. Noah’s family is relevant to you, because you are alive. Consider God’s kindness to give life, and trust in His messiah to give new life in Jesus.