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Job 17 – Job Replies to All 3 *Friends* Part 2: Where Then Is My Hope?

Job believed his spirit was broken that death was near. He keeps looking at the way his mockers are provoking him. He asks who will lay down a pledge (surety/redeem) for him with God. God closed his friends’ hearts to understanding, but he believes God won’t let them triumph. God made Job a byword (reproach or scorn) of the peoples and he’s like someone men spit on. His eyes grew dim and he is like a shadow. The upright are appalled, the innocent stirs himself up against the godless. The righteous holds to his way. Job’s believes his days are past, as well as his plans and the desires of his heart. They make night into day – if he hopes for Sheol where is his hope? Who will see my hope? Will his hope go down to the bars of Sheol? Shall we descend together into the dust.

Job is really wrestling with what his hope is. Will it perish with him, or will it come through. Will someone redeem him, what is his surety? How will he be redeemed from the scorn of his friends and all men? Job keeps wavering between thinking his hope is lost, and having a hope that He will be redeemed. When we face trials and suffering it can be so confusing. What is darkness? What is light? Should I long for the end of this and rest. Hope in God. Hope in Christ. He is our surety. He is the Redeemer of His people. Though we face trials and persecutions Christ is the strength of our heart. Our three-fold enemy – the world, the flesh, and the devil – may assail us at every side, but nothing can touch our soul. Christ conquered death and wrath for us. He has promised to come back for His people. And, if Christ tarries believers have a certain hope to be with Him at death. Praise God that Jesus has laid down a pledge for us with God. 


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