Sermons from August 2018

Sermons from August 2018

“Jesus Teaches Us How to Pray” Matthew 6:5-15

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 6:5-15 “Jesus Teaches How to Pray” Big Idea: Pray for the glory of God and for the daily material provision and spiritual provision in the forgiveness of our sins for the glory of God. Sermon Outline (1) Pray Without Hypocrisy & Idolatry (Matthew 6:5-8) (2) Pray God’s Attributes (Matthew 6:9-10) (3) Pray Your Neediness (Matthew 6:11-12) (4) Jesus Came to Forgive (Matthew 6:14-15)

“Pursue God’s Pleasure” Matthew 6:1-4

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 6:1-4 “Pursue God’s Pleasure” Big Idea: Live your life for God and no other audience. Outline: (1) Start With the Righteousness of Christ (2) Once Justified in Christ, Christians Pursue Righteousness (3) Don’t Forget Who You Live For

“Retaliation & God’s Law” Matthew 5:38-42

An Expositional Sermon Matthew 5:38-42 “Retaliation & God’s Law” Big Idea: Jesus has authority over everything, so hold your possessions and even your honor with an open hand. Sermon Outline (1) Jesus Teaches How to Read the Bible (2) We Are Not Our Own (3) Count the Cost of Following Christ