Soli Deo Gloria

Sermons from September 2014

“King for Sinners” Mark 2:1-17

Theme: Jesus came for the sick, forgiving sin and calling sinners.
Aim: Jesus is a king for sinners who feel their need for him. You can’t have Jesus as your king unless you’re a sinner. If you refuse to acknowledge you’re a sinner, friend drop your guise. Drop your pride. Open your eyes and see your need in the face of the coming judgment of a holy God. Turn from your sin and trust in Jesus as your king.
(1) Jesus Forgives Sinners (Mark 2:1-12)
(2) Jesus Calls “Sell Outs” (Mark 2:13-14)
(3) Jesus Came for the Sick (Mark 2:15-17)

“King Jesus” Mark 1:16-45

Theme: Jesus rules over men, spirits, and illness, and His prayerful mission was to preach the gospel.
Aim: Turn from the empty kings of this world, and have Christ as your King.
Jesus is…
(1) King over men (Mark 1:14-20)
(2) King over spirits (Mark 1:21-28, 32)
(3) King over illness (Mark 1:29-34, 40-45)
(4) A King who prays and preaches (Mark 1:35-39)

“The Gospel of Jesus Christ” Mark 1:1-15

Theme: Jesus, the Son of God, is God, and Jesus is the good news that John looked forward to.
Aim: Go to the Word of God to learn who who Jesus Christ really is, then repent and believe in Him!
(1) Jesus Is the Good News (Mark 1:1)
a. The beginning of the gospel
b. Point of origin
(2) Jesus Is the Son of God (Mark 1:1b)
(3) Jesus’ Forerunner Foretold (Mark 1:2-8)
a. John the Baptist
b. Substance of John’s Teaching
(4) The Trinity and the Gospel (Mark 1:9-15)

“God Redeems His People” Ruth 4:1-22

Theme: God redeems His people.
Aim: Put your hope in God’s redemption through Ruth’s great-great grandson; King David’s greater Son, Jesus Christ.
(1) A Proper Redeemer (Ruth 4:1-6)
(2) God’s Promise (Ruth 4:7-12)
(3) A Marriage (Ruth 4:13-17)
(4) Genealogy of Another Redeemer (Ruth 4:18-22)