Soli Deo Gloria

Jesus Christ is the head of the local church (Col. 1:18; Eph. 1:22-23), and His Word alone rules the church. So the government of a local church is a Christocracy. Christ builds the church (Matt. 16:18), and He rules it. We believe that God’s Word outlines that, under Christ, the final authority in the local church rests in the congregation, and that this is harmonious with the fact that a local church is led by a plurality of elders and served by deacons. Our statement of faith says the church’s, “only scriptural officers are Elders and Deacons, whose qualifications, claims and duties are defined in the Epistles to Timothy and Titus.”

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Noah O. Braymen

Noah Braymen grew up in the country west of Dallas Center, Iowa. He went to Drake University, started seminary at Reformed Theological Seminary, and graduated from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He participated in the pastoral internship at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC. He also worked with the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission on Capitol Hill. He and his family moved back to Iowa in 2012 and they live in Des Moines.